Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekly photo challenge #1 - Future tense

When I came to know about this interesting topic, I was instantly reminded of this particular picture. This was shot at the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage in Srilanka. Elephants wounded in war, orphaned calves, diseased elephants - you can find them all here. It is very heart-wrenching to see so many of them with severe deformities. This is probably the largest herd of captive elephants that you can see in one place. This little calf was born in captivity - doesn't she hold the promise of a better future for herself and her herd?

The glimmer of hope

The biggest herd one could possibly see anywhere in the world

Happy family

Elephants bathing in the Oya river, Kegalle, Srilanka


  1. I love elephants! Lovely photoes! We should visit Sri Lanka just to see them! Thank you, Malini!

  2. Elephants are very gentle animals would love to play with them in water one day.

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    1. You should've seen them here. They aren't that gentle :)

  3. Sad that they have deformities :/
    The small elephants looks so cute <3