Monday, March 4, 2013

A humble beginning....a diary note.

It started with a humble yet divine tasting choco cupcake - my love for baking. Though I've been cooking ever since I was about 9 years old (There was no Masterchef series then!) initially because of compulsion and later exultation, I've hardly ever ventured into this unfamiliar territory   - it wasn't because of trepidation or anything, but sheer ignorance. Following several futile attempts at baking ready mixes and producing burnt rocks and gooey masses, I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can produce a decent looking, fairly tasty cake. I find baking scientific and cake decoration artistic and creative.  I'm recording this post here as a diary note, to serve the purpose of motivating me to bake more, every time I visit my blog. Let’s see how far it goes!

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