Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The case of a bitter butter fruit

Yes, this post is about my tryst with an avocado, better known as butter fruit in this part of the world. Having developed a keen interest in exquisite dishes and enchanting cuisines in the past few years, I've been experimenting with 'exotic' fruits and veggies left, right and center. The latest in this list is the butter fruit. I'd rather like to call it the bitter fruit. My first experience with avocado had gone that sour, sorry, bitter.  However, after some research, I realized it wasn't the fruit's mistake after all. It's in its nature to taste bitter when raw(looks bright green), taste better when ripe(green with brown streaks) and again taste bitter when over ripe(dark green with a more pronounced brown tinge). Strange indeed! 

Very ripe avocados. Courtesy: Wikipedia

Hmm, what do I do with these now?  I hate wasting food, so I was, of course, hell- bent on using it. My Guacamole dreams might have been shattered this time and the avocado might have been unripe, but the time was ripe to invent a desi guacamole. Now take my word, this was one mast desi guacamole! Absolutely no bitter aftertaste!

Now for the brief recipe: Deseed two avocados and scoop out the white part. Blend it to a smooth paste along with a glove of garlic, a couple of shallots, a green chilli and half a cup of yoghurt. Transfer contents to a bowl and add salt n pepper to taste. Now add a pinch of chat masala, half a spoon of amchur and some fresh mint leaves. If you don't have these three ingredients, you could simply add my very own secret ingredient -  a spoon of jaljeera powder! Squeeze half a lemon into this and voila! You have your desi guacamole!


  1. Came through Cloud nine blog.You scared me initially with your description of the bitter butter fruit.Your attempt to make a desi dish with improvisation at several stages when some ingredient is missing using different alternatives including jaljeera powder was atonce imaginative and amusing!!

    An interesting blog. Will see the other blogs of yours.

  2. Hey what kind of fruits is this I can't recognize it . Can you tell me and what about its taste.
    Fruits paste