Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One Angry Indian Woman

16th December.

3 years ago, this day changed the course of my life. So unfortunate that it was a horrific incident that had to put the change in me but the anger has still not died. I had sleepless nights most of January and Feb 2013 because of this. A fellow sister, judged, raped by alcoholics and thrown on the streets.

What a world are we living in? Why do we judge so much? Why do we and who are we to moral police anyone? Why is there a dearth of empathy when it costs nothing to show compassion to a fellow human?

I have to vent my anger. In a positive way. Hence this poem. This applies only to those regressive men and women who moral police and I am NOT trying to box everyone in that mould. I have come across some amazing men in my life and my life wouldn't be complete without them. I am trying to be a humanist here, more than a feminist. So I request you to read this, with empathy.
Her death should have a meaning. It should signal some change in the positive direction.

My death deserves a meaning

That fateful night, I was cowering with fear,
Holding on to my life, so much so dear,
Praying for help, pleading for mercy,
As I was being punished, for alleged heresy.

Coy, happy smiles, walking hand in hand
Turned brutally bloody in this judgemental land,
Moral monsters, policing in the dark,
Left me engulfed, in terror so stark

Woman, don't you dare, breach the rule
For your thoughts, are just for us to ridicule,
Stay wrapped up, cross your legs tight,
Don't dare to open up, even when in delight.

We are your world, we are your people,
We are your society, we render you cripple,
Live by the rule, love by the rule
Sit by the rule and stand by the rule.

Oh fellow being, can't you hear me?
I'm as human, blood and flesh as thee,
Same breed of emotions, running in my veins,
Why is it, only I should hold back the reins?

As I die here, I long for the day,
When girls like me see the light of day.
Laugh and sing, dance and love,
Without having a dagger, dangling from above.



  1. Well said sis, in memory of a life lost so young, so soon

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